Blowout Sale 2016!

No more Clipper Tags or Adhesive Notes, put an end to Rubber bands & Paper Clips! End the identity crisis with your rolled documents.

Use ROLLabels® today, an economical Identification Tag System that identifies your rolled documents without removing them from the roll file.

ROLLabels® was established in 1998 based on the inspiration of an architect and his desire to have a filing system that enabled him to identify blueprints without the need to unroll them. Since then, our unique patented labeling system has expanded to offer our clients ROLLabels® in an array of eye-catching colors. Our system enables clients to create a personalized color-coded identification system. ROLLabels® can be used for current projects, inventory and record retention along with rolled document filing. We continue to meet our customer’s needs and now offer a variety of storage systems.


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