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About Us

An Economical System to Organize Rolled Documents.

ROLLabels® was established in 1998.


ROLLabels® patented labeling system was created for companies and individuals to quickly identify blueprints and rolled documents without needing to “unroll” them.


Our labels come in various colors to help categorize and organize your rolled documents based on color of labels. The variety of colors allow your business to quickly identify blueprints, and create an overall “color-coding” identification system for projects as well as long-term inventory and record retention needs

ROLLabels® comes in two sizes to accommodate either large or small rolled documents. Our Senior labels are for rolled documents 2 inches and above in diameter. The Junior labels are for rolled documents under 2 inches in diameters.

Major museums, Contractors, Hospitals and Government Agencies, to name a few,  love our labelling systems to help them manage their records that are kept in long-term storage. In addition, our labels are an acid-free paper to protect your documents.

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